A Few Unrelated Things…..

  • It’s summer, and we aren’t shipping on Fridays.  If we do, the oil sits for 2-3 days in a hot truck.or warehouse and while we’ve never had a complaint about spoilage, we’re picky about oils.  You may have noticed that.  Shipping days are usually M-F, is now T -Th due to schedule changes and concerns about hold times.
  • Changes coming – the website is going to be updated.  Not in style, because clean and simple always looks good and John from The Hermetic Library designed this and we still love it – but there’s new info.  Copy changes, lets say.  Organizational.
  • Stop apologizing for calling.  That’s why we have a phone number.  Sometimes you want to talk to a real person or get advice on what to buy before you buy.  Every single person who has called this month has apologized for doing so.  Cut it out!  We like talking to our customers.
  • We give stuff away on Twitter and FB.  Follow us and “like” us and you might win something.
  • Thoughts on a Chicago “intro to oils” class?

Happy Summer, everyone.

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