Home from vacation and ready to ship! Use “AmWitch” in your PayPal note until 07/20/12 and get a 10% refund on your order.
Feedback coming in from the testers of the new Road Opener oil and so far, it seems positive. Though it does seem to be more of a “blast your obstacles with DYNAMITE FROM SPACE” sort of an oil with very little subtlety. Maybe it depends on how you use it. At any rate, it will be available for purchase to the general public on 8/1/12 at the usual price, $10 for 2 drams. Order it before then (via email to and you’ll get it for $8 per 2 drams, plus shipping. Super-secret kind-of-sale for blog readers!

Finally, if you’re in the Chicago area, please consider coming by the Music in the Street Festival in Berwyn, IL on Sunday July 22nd. Quadrivium Oils will be sold in the Draconis Arcanum booth, and I’ll be there all day helping out in the booth, from noon until 7pm. The booth should be located at the crossroads of Grove & Stanley.

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