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Happy Summer, everyone.

New Oils at KC Conjure – Serve and Protect

If you missed the announcement, new Quadrivium Oils are going to be store exclusives – they’ll be released through certain stores that carry our oils, and able to be ordered via those store’s websites.

Our first set of oils has landed, and seems to be getting a pretty good reception.   KC Conjure, in Kansas City, has two oils.  This entry is on the first of them:

  • Serve and Protect – intended for use by and for those who serve our community in times of crisis. Said to help bring luck and protection to first responders, police, figherfighters, EMTs, deployed solders, etc.

Click on the name of the oil to be taken to the KC Conjure site, where you can purchase it directly.  We’re in the process of writing up the usual page of suggested uses for the oils, along with ideas for ritual work incorporating them.  At the moment, the KC Conjure Shop has (or had, at least) a beautiful portable shrine to St. Michael that was perfect for Serve and Protect.  Look into it, especially if you have a loved one who’s a first responder or a deployed soldier.


(image courtesy of KC Conjure)

To give a bit of background on the oils, in my spare time (ha!), I’m a volunteer with the Chicago Police Department as a sort of liaison between the department and neighborhood residents, facilitating communication.  The longer you do something like that, the more cops you get to know, and the more friends you make in the department. Serve and Protect was originally merely called Be Safe and was used on a St. Jude candle that burned whenever a certain shift or team was on duty.  You can see me anointing a St. Jude candle for this purpose with what is now Serve and Protect on the TalkGnosis YouTube show Oils and Scents in Ritual Practice, in the last ten minutes of the show.  While St. Michael is the patron saint of police and protectors everywhere, St. Jude is the specific patron saint of the Chicago Police Department.  As I’ve said before, candle and oil magic seems to work best when it’s as targeted as possible, so the name of the person (or team) was written in the wax,  a very small amount of protective herbs were added to holes in the vigil candle, and the top of the candle anointed lightly with the oil.  This St. Jude candle burns in my window 5 nights out of 7 to this day, with different names in the wax depending on if someone is ill, injured, or working a particularly stressful or dangerous job.

Serve and Protect can be used to anoint candles, but is especially effective when used to anoint items that the individual to be protected can wear or carry with them.  St. Michael medals tend to be a favorite, but even a smudge on the inside of a belt or other natural leather surface can be useful.  The oil can be used with protective mojo bags, and in any other way a magical oil can be used.

This blog has always been very clear about the importance of keeping a tight focus when using ritual oils – that the more clear and simple the intent, the more successful the oil use is likely to be.  This is the most targeted oil that Quadrivium produces – it’s intended to protect people with a particular kind of job.  As such, it’s probably among the most simple to use of any of our oils.  A candle, a mojo bag, a talisman, anything anointed with this oil serves one purpose – to protect the person wearing or carrying it, or for whom the candle is burned.


Mixing and Matching – Love Oils

I promised a post about combining love oils, and here it is!  At last – sort of a month before Valentine’s Day, might come in handy, you never know.

Multiple oils in love workings can be tricky.  I’ve found that it’s not that great of an idea to mix love oils with love oils.  Let the love oil stand on it’s own, as the focus of the work you’re doing.  If you want to add something to it, you’ll want to be very selective.

One excellent mix is Red Fast Luck and Kiss Me Quick. Kiss Me Quick is a “find me someone fast” oil and Red Fast Luck provides that pop of good luck that boosts it up to  “Even faster!” Out for a good time?  That’s a great mix.  I’d use one red candle, anoint it with Kiss Me Quick, and add just a few drops of Red Fast Luck.  Another use is to dab your leather watchband or belt with both of the oils – but again, Kiss Me Quick is the main focus, with just a bit of Red Fast Luck to provide some extra punch.
Let’s say you’re looking for love – real love, not just a fun night – and you pick Love Drawing as part of your strategy.  Red Fast Luck would be exactly the wrong thing to add to Love Drawing, as finding love can be a long process.  A boost of luck for a short time isn’t going to help.  If you’re looking for an additional oil to use with Love Drawing, I’d suggest Crown of Success- and if your plan is finding a permanent mate, Fortune and Favor would be the secondary oil of choice.

Road Opening seems like it would be a good choice to mix with love oils.  It’s not.  Road Opening is about clearing the blockages from your life, getting you from where you are to where you want to be by removing obstacles.  It’s a very broadly focused oil.  Love oils are very specific – you want X person, or you want a person in general, you want love in your life, etc.  You may not know what’s standing between you and what you’re striving for, but adding Road Opening suddenly flings the door open to a whole lot of possibilities and unintended consequences.

The love oil is the focus of whatever work you’re doing – the secondary oil is just there to give it an extra punch, or boost.  The secondary oil has to be in tune with the purpose of the love oil for it to do anything – Red Fast Luck and Come To Me, sure.  Fortune and Favor and Come To Me…..probably not.

I did have someone ask me if Money Drawing and Love Drawing could be used together, and I’d say probably not.  As with most forms of oil work – Road Opening aside – you want to narrow down your focus as far as possible.  You aren’t going to achieve much if your work is split between looking for love and looking for money, unless a billionaire who’s perfect for you is walking by.  Which….is unlikely to happen.  Stick to one oil with possibly a carefully chosen secondary oil.

If you’ve got questions, or things you’ve like to see on the blog, please feel free to contact Quadrivium.  Even if your question doesn’t turn into a blog post, we’ll do our best to answer it (within reason).

Giveaway Idea

On Twitter, I asked if people had any requests or ideas for the next FB/Twitter/blog follower giveaway.  Silver Shadow (from the podcast Pagan Rappaport) had an interesting idea.  Instead – or maybe in addition to – the usual oils, have the “give away” be a 20 minute one-on-one Skype session with me.  You’d get to ask questions about oil creation, oil use, best oils for a situation, or pretty much anything else you can think of to ask.

I’m on board with it, if anyone would be interested.  I need some feedback as to the interest level of the FB/Twitter/blog followers and other Quadrivium fans, though.  Are there people who’d be interested in this kind of giveaway?

Mix and Match, Part 2

First, let me thank the people who let me know via Facebook and Twitter what subjects they’d like to see discussed on this blog – further information on the planetary system used to make the oils, and the practice of leaving solid materials in the oil, and a few other topics will be upcoming.

(If you haven’t “Liked” the FB page or don’t follow us on Twitter, you’re missing out, because we give things away.  And talk about herbs and oils, as well as bad movies, politics, magic in general, ethics, baking,  and if it’s really okay to put a bay leaf from your supply closet into your stewpot.)

Back to mixing oils!  In the last post, it was all “DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS!” and reasons why you shouldn’t confuse your petition with multiple oils.

But there are some oils that work really well together.  The trick is to think critically about what each oil is for and how it might change or affect the petition if there is already an oil being used.  The example given before was “Get a Job” with “Fortune and Favor,” which sounds like a good mix, but the finding-fulfillment aspect of Fortune and Favor might keep you unemployed, waiting for your perfect job, when what you really need to do is pick up some seasonal retail work.

However, if you were to prepare your supplies and anoint your candle (or whatever you’re using) with Get A Job oil, you can still use a secondary oil.  Money Drawing would be an excellent choice – it’s an oil designed to pull money from any available source, and a job is certainly a source of money.  Those two oils will work together.  You could do two separate candles with one petition, mix them – very sparingly –  in a spray to use on your resume or even just to smudge on your belt or other non-staining fashion item.  The inside of your shoes is a terrific place to use an oil.  Remember to stick to just a drop or two.  Quadrivium Oils are not watered down, so the scent can be penetrating.

Other “money” oils that get along:  Steady Work and Get A Job (that’s kind of an obvious one),  Steady Work and Money Drawing, any of the “money” oils are good choices when you’re just looking for work.  When you’ve got a specific job you’re targeting, though, you’ll want to go with Road Opening and Get A Job.  For the purpose of landing a specific position, that’s the best combination you can use, and a very powerful one.

Rather than having a primary oil and a secondary oil, with this combination, you are using both as primary oils.   You will use an identical petition with two separate candles – or whatever else you’re going to use, candles are the most common items used with oils – and you’ll anoint each candle with the wick end towards you, covering the candle from base to tip, as you envision pulling that job towards you.  If you want to get lunar and planetary about it, you can, but normally this is done out of necessity and most people don’t have the luxury of waiting for the new moon or the Day of Jupiter to give the oil an extra punch.

Light the candles together.  If you’re ambidextrous, very ambitious, and have two lighters, you can do them at the same time.  If not, don’t set your altar on fire, just light the candles one after another.

So why does this work so well?  Road Opening is just as broad of an oil as Fortune and Favor, so why this oil and not that one?  Because of the type of oil – Road Opening is about clearing obstacles between you and what you want, removing whatever blocks there are between Point A, where you are, and Point B, where you want to end up.  Get A Job is a very focused oil that is about employment.  In this case, you’re using Get A Job to target a specific position, and at the same time, removing obstacles between you and what you want.  So right next to the Road Opening candle, burning helpfully, is the  candle for what you want.

Now that this post has far exceeded the 500 word length, it looks like there will be a Part 3, to cover love and relationship oils that can be used together.   As always, feel free to contact Quadrivium via Facebook , Twitter, or email to ask for more info or for assistance in ordering the best oils for your particular situation.

News: Essential Oils Can’t Cure or Prevent Ebola

You’d think this would be, well, common sense.
But no.
An article on September 24 in the Washington Post talks about three companies (Natural Solutions Foundation, Young Living, and DoTerra) that have been warned by he FDA about “marketing their products as possible treatments or cures for Ebola.”
Previously we posted a link to the letter from the FDA to DoTerra.
Letter to Natural Solutions Foundation can be found on the FDA site here, and the letter to Young Living can be found here.
The letters are, along with the DoTerra letter, worth reading. They’re excellent examples of the kinds of completely outlandish claims that these MLM companies make with regularity, and why anyone interested in essential oils should stay far, far away from them.

Narrowing down our Mercury dime product line…

As it turns out, Quadrivium Supplies is way better at making oils than jewelry. While we’ve been making simple Mercury dime necklaces, it’s not a passion of ours.

However, jewelry-making IS a passion of Melissa at Blue Beehive Studios. You can still purchase loose Mercury dimes from Quadrivium Supplies, but necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other Mercury dime jewelry will be available through Blue Beehive. You can either go visit their Etsy site, or drop them a line at their email dedicated to this endeavor, dimes@bluebeehivestudio.com.

Happy New Year!

Quadrivium Supplies has now been in business for a WHOLE YEAR! We started out with five oil mixes sold in a Chicago occult store and a Notepad-coded website. Now we’ve got 20 oils, a gorgeous website from Xarc Design, the coolest Q-logo ever and nifty custom bottle labels from Amy at Not Dead Yet Studios, and we sell at a number of online and retail establishments.

My apologies for going “dark” for the last month – hip surgery and the holiday season make a potent combination. I have a number of blog posts that should get finished over the next few weeks, about exciting topics like solid material in magical oils and even MORE information on the lack of any kind of governing body over essential oils and their purity. My “MLM Essential Oil Scam” post is still, by far, the most popular post on this blog, and recently received an absolutely EPIC comment from a Young Living distributor who pretty much made the case for Young Living being a scam by her defense of it.

(If you’re someone considering Young Living, using Young Living, selling Young Living, or concerned about a friend or family member being involved in Young Living, here’s the Quackwatch report on Gary Young – which, surprise, comes to the conclusion that he and his company make outrageous, unsubstantiated claims about their oils. There’s a good short rundown of the major issues with Gary Young and his business from an aromatherapy perspective at aromaticsage.com, and a link in the earlier blog post to a report by Cropwatch about the lack of regulation in essential oil production and how the vast majority of Young Living’s claims about certification, grading, and purity are at best misleading and at worst, actively dishonest. I hope it helps. These MLM schemes sink their hooks into people very, very deeply.)

There’s some new books on magical oils that have come out in the last few months, including Llewellyn’s Complete Formulary of Magical Oils. Give that one a miss – it’s a messy mish-mash of recipes from various traditions with no coherent underlying table of correspondence and some seriously baffling suggestions like making graveyard dirt from herbs. In contrast, Manfred Junius’s Spagyrics: The Alchemical Preparation of Medicinal Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs was excellent and really worth the time and effort to get through, as it’s not an easy book.

Happy 2013!

Ritual Oil Reading List

Books on oils – good, bad, indifferent, but probably all worth reading if you’ve got the time and the cash to invest.

Making a reading list on this topic is very difficult, because there’s no one book I can point to and say “Here, you should read this, it’s absolutely accurate and will teach you all about making oils!” There’s been a fair number of books on oils published and while some of them are absolute bullshit from start to finish, some of them are fairly good with some gaping blind spots, some are pretty awful with some good information hidden inside, and some are publishing information available in other places, but written in a more coherent way and thus more useful.

And with all the books, it depends on your personal tradition – most of them are written with a particular table of correspondence in mind, and if that’s not YOUR table, it makes the book less useful. A lot of them (okay, the vast majority) are recipe books as well, and if you don’t use those recipes, the book is less useful. Not useless, though, as basic oilmaking instruction can stand alone, outside the correspondences. Some of it is just mechanics, after all – how to mix an oil, how to make a cold-pressed oil, how to use phases of the moon in oil making, etc.

With all of this in mind, here’s at least a beginning of an annotated book list for making magical oils. Eventually, the book list will go live on the Quadrivium Supplies website, but the list is going to start out with blog posts on the topic. Remember that these are books I have found personally useful, and that their appearance on this book list in no way constitutes an overall endorsement of the contents or author. The list is in no particular order.
(Wow, I’m a huge pain in the ass about book lists, aren’t I?)


    • The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, by Denise Alverado – my interest doesn’t lie with hoodoo, voodoo, or the spells presented in this book – just the section on oils. It’s clear, cogent, and provides detailed instructions for making a variety of oils. The table of correspondence that Alverado uses owes more to the tradition of New Orleans voodoo/hoodoo that she practices than it does to any traditional hermetic correspondences, but her explanations of how oils work and WHY they work is well worth reading. She also gives a fair number of recipes for beginners to try and if you’re nervous about starting from scratch and inventing your own oils, following recipes can be an excellent way to get people started in oilmaking.


    • The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick), by Scott Cunningham – I can hear many readers recoiling from here. I am not a fan of much of Cunningham’s work, popular though it may be. However, this book, along with Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, provides beginners with a very easy-to-follow and coherent explanation of what oils are, how they’re used, and how they’re made. His tables of correspondence are neo-Wiccan and I have used very few of his recipes – however, these are easily accessible books that provide a fairly good grounding in the concept of magical oil creation and use.


    • Magical Oil Recipes, by Lady Gianne – probably contains the best basic practical introduction to magical oilmaking in the three page introduction to what’s really more a pamphlet or a chapbook than a true “book.” The whole thing, recipes and all, is 43 pages and costs less than a dollar in the Kindle store. The author covers how and why to disinfect glass oil storage bottles, why oil storage bottles should be dark, what different carrier oils are and how they’re used, how and why oils are blended and to what effect, and the difference between an essential oil and a carrier oil. Her table of correspondence is short and to the point but provides no reference sources – as far as I can tell, it’s a mixture of neo-Wiccan and hermetic tables. If you’re a purist about your tables, this probably won’t thrill you, but frankly, I’d spend the .99 for the Kindle download (you can read it on your computer or your phone) and count it as money well spent even if I never tried any of the recipes.


    • Traditional Witches’ Formulary and Potion-making Guide: Recipes for Magical Oils, Powders and Other Potions, by Sophia diGregorio – Ms. diGregorio gives an overview of oilmaking that includes astrological and lunar timing, suggests substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients, and actually provides sources for many of the recipes that she gives. Some of the recipes are old enough to contain ingredients that are poisonous or otherwise dangerous, and the author gives suggestions for substitutions for these ingredients (I’m normally a big believer in sticking as close to original recipes as possible, but not if handling the plant in question is going to give me hives or if the resulting oil will make me ill if I get it on my skin). It’s considerably more substantial than the Gianne book – about 183 pages.

There’s more books on oilmaking to cover, but I’m going to leave it there for the moment. What are YOUR favorites? I’m always happy to hear from people who want to recommend (or warn against) a book they’ve read on the topic.

Testimonials and Guest Bloggers

I’m going to be adding a new page to the main website containing some testimonials from customers – if you want to share your experience with Quadrivium Oils, please send a message to support@quadrivium-supplies.com.
Even if you don’t want your testimonial published, I do like hearing from clients and finding out if the oil/s performed as expected.

I’m also looking for anyone who’d like to write a guest blog entry about how THEY use oils in their magical practice. I have someone who’s going to be doing an entry on how she uses about four oils in combination on votive candles daily to keep her freelance work coming (and uses q-tips to cut down on the amount of oil used). I’m always interested in the different ways people use oils, though, so feel free to use the blog as a platform to talk about how YOU do things.