Viridis Genii Symposium

There aren’t many things that make me sad I live in Chicago (the weather is kind of a given; I’m used to it), but not attending the first Viridis Genii Symposium is making me glare at the Sears Tower.

You can read about it on their website here but basically, it’s an entire weekend-long symposium on plant magick and the esoteric side of herbalism.  Swoon.  A whole weekend symposium JUST ON PLANT MAGICK.

A) why didn’t anyone do this before and B) why is it in Oregon when my kids are out of school?  It runs from July 31-August 2nd, if you need to check your calendar.

They still have room for attendees, and a terrific roster of speakers and presenters .

I’ve known from the start that I couldn’t go, but maybe some of my blog readers have the time and interest and can attend.  If so, take lots of notes and scan them in and email them to me.


The Good Luck Lady

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a colleague who thought Quadrivium Supplies would be a good fit for someone who was putting together a “team” of people offering metaphysical products and services. I got in touch with Flora, who has gone by the name “The Good Luck Lady” professionally for years, and heard about her plans to put together a group of people who were dedicated practitioners of their crafts.  What Flora was interested in doing wasn’t just putting together a listing of people who provided spiritual services and metaphysical products – in her own words, she was looking for people

to join a co-operative of genuine sacred arts practitioners that have real skill and mastery of their vocation.

Needless to say, I was honored to be invited to join this group.  It’s not an affiliate system, it changes nothing about the way Quadrivium does business, it’s just another way for people to find Quadrivium Oils.  And because Flora, “The Good Luck Lady,” prefers individuals and their faces and stories to companies and their logos, you can click over to my page on her site to read a little more about me, how I got into oils, and why I like the precision of oilmaking using lunar and astrological timing.

Check out The Good Luck Lady website, and the practitioners and professionals listed.  Everyone is there because we’re dedicated to providing the best service to clients that we can.

Narrowing down our Mercury dime product line…

As it turns out, Quadrivium Supplies is way better at making oils than jewelry. While we’ve been making simple Mercury dime necklaces, it’s not a passion of ours.

However, jewelry-making IS a passion of Melissa at Blue Beehive Studios. You can still purchase loose Mercury dimes from Quadrivium Supplies, but necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other Mercury dime jewelry will be available through Blue Beehive. You can either go visit their Etsy site, or drop them a line at their email dedicated to this endeavor,

New Store Carrying Quadrivium Oils – In Toronto!

I’m so excited! Ridiculously so, in fact. Ever since the international postage rates got hiked up to absurd amounts, I’ve been looking for a store in Canada willing to carry Quadrivium Oils. And Andrew at The Hermit’s Lamp in Toronto is now carrying the full line of oils. You can visit The Hermit’s Lamp at 425 Vaughan Rd. in Toronto, and call them at +1 647-286-8739.
In addition to Quadrivium Oils, the store carries a ton of neat products and offers readings of different kinds. Andrew McGregor, the owner of the shop, is an experienced tarot card reader, who’s also written a brief introduction to learning tarot, available on the site.

Useful Book Review

Spiral Nature has reviewed the “Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook,” which is probably of interest to people working with oil and herbs.
As always, a solid and intelligent review. The reviewer had the same problems with this book that I have with a lot of books on the same topic:

The author claims her work is based on the ideas of Paracelsus, but the book lacks citations, a bibliography, or even suggested reading list. This is highly problematic as many of her attributions are not explained. Sometimes they are attributions that are more or less occult common knowledge, and other times the numbers, colours, herbs and their meanings vary from the common or traditional systems.

If you’re not reading Spiral Nature, you should be.