Giveaway Idea

On Twitter, I asked if people had any requests or ideas for the next FB/Twitter/blog follower giveaway.  Silver Shadow (from the podcast Pagan Rappaport) had an interesting idea.  Instead – or maybe in addition to – the usual oils, have the “give away” be a 20 minute one-on-one Skype session with me.  You’d get to ask questions about oil creation, oil use, best oils for a situation, or pretty much anything else you can think of to ask.

I’m on board with it, if anyone would be interested.  I need some feedback as to the interest level of the FB/Twitter/blog followers and other Quadrivium fans, though.  Are there people who’d be interested in this kind of giveaway?

Exclusive Store Oils

Currently, the Quadrivium Supplies website carries our full line of 20 oils. Most of the physical stores that carry Quadrivium Oils also carry the same oils, some less than the full line. As of October, 2014, that will change.

Draconis Arcanum, in Nashville, TN will be exclusively carrying House and Home. This is an oil intended to deal with matters involving physical dwellings. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, trying to rent, or trying to leave, House and Home will provide you with the boost you need. The owner of Draconis Arcanum was the first person to ever try House and Home, and can attest to it’s efficacy.

KC Conjure Shop, in Kansas City, MO, will be selling two exclusive oils. The first is an oil that was developed a number of years ago for a loved one who is a First Responder, one of the people who runs towards the terrible things happening, rather than running away with the rest of us. Serve and Protect has been changed and expanded, over the years, to serve as a protective oil for anyone who works to protect the public, especially in times of crisis. It has been used for deployed soldiers, police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and other workers.

The second oil that KC Conjure will be carrying is probably the most exciting. Since Quadrivium Supplies started selling oils, the number one request has always been for a psychic vision oil. Originally, there was no intention to produce one, but after enough requests (well, demands), we narrowed the formula down from nine versions to three versions to two.
The oil that KC Conjure will be offering is a vision oil that was made as the lunar eclipse ended on the night of the blood moon, when the light returned and illuminated what had been concealed.
The only issue with this oil currently is that it’s unnamed, but we’re accepting suggestions. If we use yours, you’ll get a free bottle of the oil.

At this time, the only way that these oils can be purchased is through the stores that carry them. Each of the stores does have a website where the oil/s can be ordered, if you’re not local to them. They will not be available through he Quadrivium Supplies website.

Keep an eye out. There are other oils in the works that will be offered exclusively through physical stores.

Free Oils, For A Price

Do you have an occult/magical/witchcraft/related blog or publication? Want to review some Quadrivium Oils? Please contact us – we’re always looking for new reviewers.
In addition, if you’re a blog or podcast that hosts giveaways or provides “swag” to listeners or subscribers, we’re usually pretty happy to provide some oils free of charge for you to give out to your fans.
Please contact us at and tell us who you are and what blog/podcast/magazine/publication you’re with. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be famous, we’re just looking to get our name and product out there in front of customers.

Looking For People To Give Away Oils

Just a note to let people know – in order to get the Quadrivium oils out to more of an audience, I’m looking for blogs or podcasts that sponsor giveaways. Please contact me if you’ve got one, or if you’d like to suggest one.

In addition, if you’re a user of Quadrivium Oils, we’re collecting testimonials for the website. Want to provide one? Email me!

Finally, as Quadrivium Supplies is technically a wholesale company, we’re looking to expand the stores that carry our oils. So far, we’ve had the best luck with customers introducing their local stores to our oils. If you have a local store, and you think they’d like to carry Quadrivium Oils, please introduce us. If they place an order of any size, you get four free oils of your choice.