Website Development

For the last few years, the website hasn’t been anything other than a place for retail stores to order oils. The Quadrivium social media accounts haven’t been too active, either (except for Twitter, where I talk about politics a lot).


As it turns out, the pandemic lockdown has left some graphic/website designers looking for work. The main Quadrivium Supplies website is being redesigned by one of these generous geniuses, and the Instagram and FB accounts are slooooowly turning into a place where followers can see pictures of oils. And quotes from magicians and philosophers and astrologers that are important to me.


Due to the pandemic, a few stores have closed or changed up their stock. Both Artes & Craft and Draconis Arcanum just placed large orders that have recently been shipped, and a new store called Carpe Diem Nursing will be carrying a selection of Quadrivium Oils shortly.

You Should Read This

FireLyte (of the Inciting A Riot blog and podcast) wrote a painfully true essay about the overwhelming whiteness of American Paganism and magical publishing. Even the authors who write about ATRs, Santa Muerte, Brujería,  Santería, Hoodoo, Haitian Voodoo, and other traditions SPECIFIC TO BIPOC CULTURE are overwhelmingly white – despite the fact that some of them have taken on pseudonyms that sound vaguely Latinx or indigenous.

Read it on the blog:
Yes, This Is Our Paganism: Llewellyn, Weiser, & White Supremacy