Ending Retail Sales

You may have noticed that you can’t buy oils via the website anymore.  That’s because Quadrivium Supplies has switched to wholesale-only sales, meaning that you will be able to buy the oils from the stores that carry them (and all the stores have online ordering capabilities), but not directly from the company.  The amount of time it takes to process a single order was a factor in this, as was the insistence by the state of Illinois that we charge Illinois sales tax to everyone who bought a retail oil from us.

We’re still HERE, available by phone and email to answer questions, and the switch is going to provide more time for Catherine to devote to education.  In the works are some videos on candle anointing, classes on oil magic and oil use, and Skype/phone consultations will be more available.

At the moment, three stores carry Quadrivium Oils.  We’d love for that number to increase, especially on the East and West Coasts – specifically, in Brooklyn and in the Bay Area, as we have pretty big customer bases there.  If you have a local occult or New Age shop, ask them to look into carrying our oils.








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