Essential Oils

For a change, I’m not going to talk about magical oils. Well, not really. Okay, maybe a little.

In most of my classes and blog posts and discussions, I tell people new to oils and oil use that a visit to the health food store or vitamin shop or local herb shop will likely net them the common essential oils they’ll need to make their own ritual oils. Some of the more esoteric oils, however, you pretty much HAVE to buy online or at a specialty shop. Fact is, Giant Organic Food Store Conglomerate isn’t going to spare the shelf space for oils that don’t have a reputed physical benefit.

Once you get past the “intro to oils” part, lots of people wind up on eBay or Etsy looking for the less common essential oils, or buying from one of the marked-up-by-300% essential oil pyramid scams. People get poor quality oil, or worse yet, fragrance oil or another synthetic, and half the time they don’t know it. There’s talk of how you can test the purity of an essential oil by checking how fast it evaporates on a coffee filter, which is total bunk. The only thing that will tell you is if your essential oil provider has let any plant material slip into the oil from the steam distillation process. And if they did? It means nothing, unless you’re someone who thinks that a few bits of sandgrain-sized plant material ruins the oil completely. Synthetics evaporate too. At about the same rate. And may or may not leave a residue, just like true essentials. This really is unfortunate, because it would be great to not have to involve lab testing to see if an oil is a true essential or not.

My essential oils are purchased in bulk from a wholesaler who I trust absolutely. She makes the essential oils herself; it’s a family business. I’m considering carrying some 5ml bottles of some of the less common essential oils on the QS website, to give my customers access to the oils that I use for my creations. Why should I get to have all the fun?

If you’re interested in seeing QS carry some plain essential oils for those of you who are DIY-ers, please either comment or drop me a note to let me know. It would also be helpful to know which oils in particular you’re looking for, or which ones you can’t find in your area.

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