Red Fast Luck – my mistake, made too many.

Four available.
Comment on this post with what you’d use it for, and winners will be selected by a random number generator on Sept 19.
US residents only, please.

15 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. As kind magic first aid – for those situations that pop up and need a resolution in under 24 hours and there’s no time to plan something over-involved.

  2. I plan to use the oil to anoint my writing utensils in hopes of penning a mystical title as well as making surprising refinements for a collection of poems I’m currently working on.

  3. I would rub some on my hands when I fill out job applications, been job hunting for months. I would put a few drops in mop water to attract fast and better luck for the household.

  4. I would anoint all of my electronics (I work in tech) to bring in new and good work. I’d also anoint all my burlesque costumes to bring in more and better opportunities.

  5. Use a little on my bank deposit slips: need to quickly, as in 3 months ago, increase my luck with putting more money in the bank. I would also:

    A.) anoint a lodestone which would go into a mojo bag for increased financial stability and building my business.
    B.) anoint my lucky rabbit’s foot. It’s a bit weak from helping me out and is due a recharge
    C.)add a few drops to my homemade money incense which would then be used as I did all of the above

    I’ve got a car that needs repair, a roof that needs fixing, and the ever popular medical and school bills to attend. Momma needs some red fast luck right quick!

  6. I’ve returned to school to study Wellness & Alternative Medicine, so I would diffuse it in my work area while I’m studying as an ominous guide leading me on the right path. As well, the intention would be to bless my books and laptop for ease in studying, learning and growing.

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