Job Hunting With Oils

There’s a lot of people out there who need a job, want to make their temporary job permanent, turn a part-time job to full-time, or would like a raise in their current job. All of these elements are addressed in the Quadrivium Get A Job oil, which most practitioners seem to use in candle magic work. That’s not the only oil that can be used, however, and candle magic is certainly not the only use for a magical oil.

Some suggestions for using Get A Job in non-candle-magic ways:

  • Pour a drop of oil into your hands and rub them together before getting online to submit resumes or search for work. Just a drop, though, as this oil contains essential oil of cinnamon, which is a skin irritant.
  • Put a smudge of oil on your phone (only in a place where it’s not going to damage your screen or fry circuitry!) before you make calls regarding work, or touch your earlobe with the oil.
  • When submitting a paper resume, use a tiny bit of oil on a corner of the paper and touch some oil to the envelope you’re using to mail it.
  • Leather is a great carrier for oils – you can anoint your shoes, or your belt, with the scent before an interview. If you don’t wear leather, vinyl and plastic aren’t quite as good for carrying scent, but they work.
  • If you find the scent of the oil appealing, it’s totally acceptable to use it as a personal scent.  As mentioned above, the cinnamon oil in the blend could make it irritating, so be sure to do a patch test first.

Remember, when wearing the oil as a scent on your skin or clothes, that some people are very sensitive to scent – and others are allergic. A smudge or a dab is just as effective as smearing it all over. Don’t use anything with cinnamon oil in a ritual bath without first diluting the oil at least 4:1 with carrier oil, just to be on the safe side.

The Money Drawing and Crown of Success oils can be used in the same way as Get A Job and, in fact, can be used at the same time. Since Get A Job is so employment-specific, adding another oil can serve as either a boost or to redirect the employment energies in a different direction for achieving a career goal.

The next post will address layering oils for a specific purpose.

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