Looking For Oil Testers….

Whenever I’m working on a new oil, I like to test it pretty extensively before I decide to either ditch it or add it to my regular stock. One way I test the oils is by giving a few 1-dram or smaller bottles to The Occult Bookstore, so they can use them to dress candles or do work for clients. They also, on occasion, pass the whole oil bottle on to clients. Eventually, results filter back to me.

I also like to send the oils out for testing to different people who practice a variety of traditions.

The most recent oil was a Road Opener, which seems to be working out pretty well. The next oil up is a Housing Oil, which has been created at the store’s request, due to the number of people who’ve come to the store looking for something to help them rent, buy, or sell.

If you’re looking to buy a house, rent an apartment, or sell a house or condo, please contact me at info@quadrivium-supplies.com with the following info:
Mailing Address
Magical Tradition

Edited to add: US residents only, please. I mail these at my own expense.

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