Magical Teachers

After an online blowup about a teacher who was predatory and abusive, but who’d also all but announced I AM PREDATORY AND ABUSIVE prior to taking on students, a new essay was spawned.

Just because you’ve found a teacher doesn’t mean they’re the right teacher for you. Or that they’re a good teacher. Or that they’re qualified to teach you. Cheaters, frauds, hucksters and predators abound in the occult and spiritual seeker community. Do your research before you decide to join an order, take an initiation, or find a teacher.

Why You Should Do At Least As Much Background Research On Your Teacher As You Would On A Computer

A Ridiculously Long Essay 
On How To Minimize Your Chances 
Of Being Screwed Over, Abused, Or Cheated

As with everyone else on Magical Basics, it’s a draft, but it’s a pretty solid one.

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