Mixing and Matching – Love Oils

I promised a post about combining love oils, and here it is!  At last – sort of a month before Valentine’s Day, might come in handy, you never know.

Multiple oils in love workings can be tricky.  I’ve found that it’s not that great of an idea to mix love oils with love oils.  Let the love oil stand on it’s own, as the focus of the work you’re doing.  If you want to add something to it, you’ll want to be very selective.

One excellent mix is Red Fast Luck and Kiss Me Quick. Kiss Me Quick is a “find me someone fast” oil and Red Fast Luck provides that pop of good luck that boosts it up to  “Even faster!” Out for a good time?  That’s a great mix.  I’d use one red candle, anoint it with Kiss Me Quick, and add just a few drops of Red Fast Luck.  Another use is to dab your leather watchband or belt with both of the oils – but again, Kiss Me Quick is the main focus, with just a bit of Red Fast Luck to provide some extra punch.
Let’s say you’re looking for love – real love, not just a fun night – and you pick Love Drawing as part of your strategy.  Red Fast Luck would be exactly the wrong thing to add to Love Drawing, as finding love can be a long process.  A boost of luck for a short time isn’t going to help.  If you’re looking for an additional oil to use with Love Drawing, I’d suggest Crown of Success- and if your plan is finding a permanent mate, Fortune and Favor would be the secondary oil of choice.

Road Opening seems like it would be a good choice to mix with love oils.  It’s not.  Road Opening is about clearing the blockages from your life, getting you from where you are to where you want to be by removing obstacles.  It’s a very broadly focused oil.  Love oils are very specific – you want X person, or you want a person in general, you want love in your life, etc.  You may not know what’s standing between you and what you’re striving for, but adding Road Opening suddenly flings the door open to a whole lot of possibilities and unintended consequences.

The love oil is the focus of whatever work you’re doing – the secondary oil is just there to give it an extra punch, or boost.  The secondary oil has to be in tune with the purpose of the love oil for it to do anything – Red Fast Luck and Come To Me, sure.  Fortune and Favor and Come To Me…..probably not.

I did have someone ask me if Money Drawing and Love Drawing could be used together, and I’d say probably not.  As with most forms of oil work – Road Opening aside – you want to narrow down your focus as far as possible.  You aren’t going to achieve much if your work is split between looking for love and looking for money, unless a billionaire who’s perfect for you is walking by.  Which….is unlikely to happen.  Stick to one oil with possibly a carefully chosen secondary oil.

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