New Oil – Pay Up!

It’s taken a long time to develop this oil – probably the most-tested oil in our entire line. I’d make a version of it, have it tested, be not-quite-satisfied, and go through the whole process again. I’m lucky that customers of The Occult Bookstore, here in Chicago, were happy to be my guinea pigs and that store manager was so good about keeping track of who’d used the oil and asking them about their results.
This is the result – Pay Up! oil is designed to get what is owed to you. In most circumstances, it’s money. Court awards, back pay, child support, security deposits, alimony, student loans, any situation where a check/cash/deposit is supposed to arrive, but hasn’t. In other circumstances, something more intangible might be owed to you – credit for something you did, a recommendation, a promised introduction – and Pay Up! works for that, too.

This is a look at Pay Up!:

bottle of pay up

Like all Quadrivium Supplies products, Pay Up! comes in a plastic bag with a postcard-sized insert describing what the oil is, what it’s intended to be used for, and points out possible allergens in the oil. It also contains the URL of the website, where we go into a LOT more detail on how to use the oil.

full package of pay up

One of the important things about Quadrivium Oils is that we craft our oils with herbs, which remain in each bottle. Pay Up! is fairly unique among our oils, in that we were able to find tiny lodestones that fit into the 2-dram bottles. Can you find the lodestone in the picture?

image of the back of pay up bottle

It shouldn’t be too hard to spot, really. It’s not microscopic – it’s real lodestone, to pull things to you, to get what’s owed to you.

I hope Pay Up! works as well for you as it has for our testers.

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