Oil and Water

With a lot of the success and drawing oils – Crown of Success, Money Drawing, Love Drawing, Get A Job, etc. – I’ve talked about anointing a resume or other kind of paper with oil. Recently, I got an email from someone who wanted to be absolutely sure she didn’t leave an oil smudge on her paper, which was a perfectly legitimate concern, and asked me if Quadrivium Oils can be mixed into water.
Short answer: sure!
Long answer (oh, you knew it was coming): Turning a magical oil into a sprayable water while retaining the magical properties requires a few things, but it’s pretty easy to do. You do have to use up the water within a few weeks, however, if the solid matter in the oil is added to the water. Even dried herbs get moldy when they sit in water for two months.

glass spray bottles

What you need:

  • The solid herbal ingredients from the oil – you can get them out of the oil bottle by decanting the oil into another container and straining out the solid ingredients with cheesecloth. If you happen to know the solid ingredients, you can just use those without going to the trouble of straining your oil.
  • An eyedropper or pipette.
  • About eleven drops of oil per cup of spray you intend to make.
  • A good-sized pot with a lid.
  • Distilled water.
  • A glass bottle with a spray attachment.
  • Your stovetop.

First, separate the oil from the solid ingredients, as explained above. Measure out how much spray you’d like to make, and add that much distilled water to the pot. Put in the solid ingredients from the oil. When the water has started boiling, add nine or eleven drops of oil per cup of water. How much oil you add will determine the strength of the fragrance in the water – use a light hand and don’t dump the whole bottle of oil in, unless you’re making a vat of spray water. Allow this mixture to boil for about three to five minutes, then take it off the burner and cover it immediately. Allow the water to cool completely, while covered.
At this point, you can either strain out the solid ingredients from the water, or leave them in. My personal preference is to leave the solid ingredients in the water, as they’re an integral part of the mixture. As mentioned above, though, this means you have to use up the water/oil mix more quickly, as the solid herbs can get moldy.
Fill your glass bottle with the water and add in some of the solid herbs. Attach the spray top. Ta-da! You now have a scented water made from magical oil that you can use on….pretty much anything you like. It’s diluted enough that it won’t leave stains on paper or fabric, and can even be used as a room freshener. I like to use a Van Van water to spray on unscented dryer sheets before I put my family’s clothes in the dryer, and my kids insist that their room be sprayed with it before bed. According to them, it chases away nightmares and monsters. There’s lots of uses for these sprays. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making them, I’m happy to do it for you upon request.

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