Ordering Mistake Becomes A Sampler Pack

It seems that I should pay closer attention to the oil bottle sizes when ordering – instead of placing an order for 1 dram bottles, I placed an order for 1/4 dram bottles. As it’s a lot of trouble to return bottles, we’re putting them to use. This means that for a limited time, customers can order a Sample Pack from Quadrivium Supplies.
The Sample Pack consists of five oils of your choice (electional or regular), in 1/4 dram size, packaged together and sold for $10 plus shipping. This permits people who aren’t sure about what oil they need, or people who aren’t sure that ritual oils are their thing, to try a selection without making too significant an investment in a full bottle of one particular oil.

This offer only lasts as long as we have the 1/4 dram bottles, so if this sounds interesting, go ahead and order a Sample Pack to try out!

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