New Project

When you’re a wholesaler, you only get orders from retailers. When people are under stay at home orders, they don’t go to stores. The stores close. And their wholesale companies are also closed, because there’s no point in making a bunch of oils when there’s no one buying them.

My kids are doing “distance learning” through Chicago Public Schools and are pretty self-directed. They don’t need me hanging around looking over their shoulders and it’s not like I can help with math homework.

In the interests of not watching too much news and not mainlining Netflix and AcornTV, I decided to pull out all the lecture and research notes that I’ve collected over the last…..well. However many years. I started Quadrivium in 2013, I think, but started the background research for it in 2012.

I also pulled out the suggested rituals and uses for the oils that used to be on the original Quadrivium Supplies page, back when it was a retail website.

There’s a website where the suggested rituals live, now. And there’s essays going up (and down, and back up again) on the same site.

There’s a bunch of sites that talk about oils, and how to use them, but there’s not much on WHY. That was one of the targets of my research, so there’s an essay up right now on tables of correspondence, which are really important tools in oil work.

Ritual Oil Basics is up and running, but only the oil uses and rituals are static. At the moment, it’s running on a Quadrivium Supplies subsite (like this blog), but will eventually get it’s own URL.

Happy 2020

More like “happy pandemic, when social distancing means that I am willing to work with a Dreamhost tech support person to resurrect this blog from the ether.”
This is not at all how I’d expected to spend the spring of 2020.

But the blog has risen – possibly might have wanted to wait a week more for maximum effect – and another sub-site continuing rituals is being configured. Since retail stores are effectively shut down, I’m also effectively shut down. And now that I’ve untwisted the website from the various places it ended up, maybe I can put it all back together again.

This Should NOT Have To Be Posted

This should go without saying, but apparently it has to be spelled out:
ALL the material on the Quadrivium Supplies website, from the item descriptions to the sample oil use rituals to the blog content, is under copyright. You may not reproduce our on your blog or your website. Period.
Stores that carry our items online are permitted to use material from our website, and that permission is a part of our contract with these stores. If you are NOT one of these stores, you may NOT use material from this website on yours, and you certainly do NOT have permission to pick out the suggested oil use rituals and publish them.

This is called “plagiarism.” Look it up. It doesn’t matter if material is printed or online – the person who wrote it, or the company for whom it was written, holds the copyright to it.

We regularly run our suggested oil rituals through an online plagiarism checker. If you think one of our rituals is cool and you’d like to put it on your noncommercial site or blog, please contact us ( to ask for permission. 99% of the time, we’ll give it, as long as you attribute it to us. But if you’re just swiping our content to fill your own blog or website, that’s stealing and it’s not okay. Not only that, but it’s the sort of thing that goes on often enough that the owner of the copyright can appeal directly to the ISP of the plagiarizer and have the content removed, if not the entire site taken down.
Which we will do. This website is a business; the suggested oil rituals are specific to our oils and were written for our website. They are not free for use elsewhere.
Please don’t steal our content. It’s not just impolite. It’s illegal.

Holiday Sale

From now until November 27, the following oils will be half price:

Also, Drive Away will be half price, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t get along with everyone.

(Drive Away and Reconciliation are Electional oils, which means offering them half price makes them cheaper than a regular, non-Electional oil.  I don’t make this kind of offer a lot, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving, we’re all just trying to get through the season.)

Giveaway Idea

On Twitter, I asked if people had any requests or ideas for the next FB/Twitter/blog follower giveaway.  Silver Shadow (from the podcast Pagan Rappaport) had an interesting idea.  Instead – or maybe in addition to – the usual oils, have the “give away” be a 20 minute one-on-one Skype session with me.  You’d get to ask questions about oil creation, oil use, best oils for a situation, or pretty much anything else you can think of to ask.

I’m on board with it, if anyone would be interested.  I need some feedback as to the interest level of the FB/Twitter/blog followers and other Quadrivium fans, though.  Are there people who’d be interested in this kind of giveaway?

Testimonials and Guest Bloggers

I’m going to be adding a new page to the main website containing some testimonials from customers – if you want to share your experience with Quadrivium Oils, please send a message to
Even if you don’t want your testimonial published, I do like hearing from clients and finding out if the oil/s performed as expected.

I’m also looking for anyone who’d like to write a guest blog entry about how THEY use oils in their magical practice. I have someone who’s going to be doing an entry on how she uses about four oils in combination on votive candles daily to keep her freelance work coming (and uses q-tips to cut down on the amount of oil used). I’m always interested in the different ways people use oils, though, so feel free to use the blog as a platform to talk about how YOU do things.

Welcome to the Quadrivium Supplies blog!

Welcome to the Quadrivium Supplies blog!  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to install a blog on the site before, since I’m always rattling away on Twitter or Facebook about oils and how to use them and how to tell the difference between an essential oil and an anointing oil (hint: there’s probably no actual plant matter in the anointing oil) and planetary hours and what you’d make during a Sun election if you had unlimited time and supplies. What better than yet another platform?

Look for stock updates here, information about upcoming oils, occasional ideas on how to use oils in a way that doesn’t include candle magick, short sections of a longer essay in process on the use of oil in ritual, commentary on oil use in a variety of magical traditions, pieces of ritual, and just about anything else that catches my interest to write about.

At any rate, Quadrivium Supplies is growing in leaps and bounds these days – recently, I was interviewed on The Wigglian Way, broadcast date TBD.  It’s always nice when someone WANTS me to rattle on about magical and ritual oils as long as I want.  I have a few other irons in the fire, with regards to podcasts, but if you run one, I’d love to come talk to your audience about oils. In the process of preparing for various interviews, I’ve come up with pages and pages (and pages) of notes, which will eventually be turned into articles on the history of oil use, how scent bypasses our conscious brain, and why tables of correspondence don’t work very well if the scent of roses makes you want to cry. If I make horrible mistakes in WordPress while I’m starting out, forgive me, I’m new at this.  It’s only recently that I even learned how to change my own website text without breaking the whole site.