Shipping Delay

The holidays are over, so it’s back to the regular grind -unless you are in Chicago.  After a weirdly mild fall and early winter, we got walloped with a wall of air so cold that it was dangerous.  Schools were closed, businesses shut down, people were told to stay indoors and keep pets inside as well.  Chicagoans are used to tough winters (the puffy down coats aren’t worn for the sake of  style), and generally regard cold as a fact of life, but wind chills of -30*F are noteworthy.

Anyway, since the oils are shipped from Chicago to the recipient, it’s guaranteed that they will sit around in a space that’s not climate controlled for much of the journey.  Normally,  not a problem.  At these temperatures, however, not only can the oil be affected, but the glass bottles we use are more prone to crack or break.

Obsessive ritual oil perfectionists are not going to take the chance of customers receiving a broken bottle of possibly substandard frostbitten product.

Assuming the weather improves, Quadrivium will begin shipping again on Monday, January 12.  All affected customers will receive a free upgrade to Priority Mail.

More informative and entertaining post to come – it’s just too ccold for anything but this announcement and an apology for the shipping delay.   Brrrrrr.