Abramelin Oil

One of the first magical oils I ever encountered was Abramelin Oil – probably because I hung out with Thelemites. It was a sort of spicy-scented oil that was used for anointing things, and that was all I knew about it.
Eventually, of course, I learned a lot more about magical oils, and one of the choices I encountered when starting Quadrivium Supplies was whether or not to make Abramelin Oil.

My decision was no.

Mostly, the people who use Abramelin Oil make it themselves – as I explained to someone, if you’re in a situation where you need Abramelin Oil, you’ve probably got enough experience to make it yourself. Plus, traditional Abramelin Oil is made with an olive oil base, and no matter how much Vitamin E or Rosemary Oleorosin I put in olive oil, it starts to turn in about six months. It was just too different from the other oils I make, basically, so I elected not to carry that one.

A few weeks ago, a customer contacted me to ask that I make him two vials of Abramelin Oil, using the ingredients and proportions from the original manuscript of The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. If you’re not familiar with Abramelin Oil, there are several recipes for it. The one from the original manuscript, the Crowley variant, and the Mathers variant are the most popular ones. There’s also different ways of making the oil. Some people (like me) mix essential oils in an olive oil base, others macerate and steep herbs in the olive oil base, then decant the oil after a month for use.

Since I was already making a batch of Abramelin Oil, I told a few people that if they wanted some, they should let me know. The response was surprisingly positive. Positive enough that I started to worry that I was going to miss an order or two, or send someone the wrong thing (Hi, Christopher in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne! Sorry!). Mostly, Quadrivium Supplies is intended to be a wholesaler working with stores – the fact that you can order the product off the website is mostly due to my understanding that there’s places with either no stores, or stores I haven’t convinced to carry my line. Yet.
Happily, one of the stores I work with got really really really excited about the prospect of Abramelin Oil made by the obsessively detail-oriented.

I did not write their copy on the oil, by the way. They did that. You can pre-order Quadrivium Supplies Abramelin Oil via Good Luck! Conjure Shopw in Kansas City, through this link: http://kcconjure.com/shop/special-oil-of-abremelin-by-quadrivium-supplies-preorder/

The oil should ship by March 1. I will be accepting orders until February 21. After that, you’ll be out of luck.

Work Not On The Website

As I was making two oils into a spray last night, I realized that I’d never publicized the fact that Quadrivium Supplies does custom work. We have our standard 20 oils, but if there’s something you need and can’t find, we can probably make it for you.
Here’s some custom work we’ve done recently:

  • Sage spray – for people with asthma who can’t use smudge sticks, or those who are in spaces where incense or smudging is prohibited, we make a spray that consists of essential oil of sage boiled in distilled water with a handful of solid sage. Then we filter our the solids and bottle the spray, which seems to work just as well as smudging for purifying a space.
  • Oil combination sprays – there are oils on our standard list that mix really well together, like Crown of Success and Fortune & Favor, and work very well as a spray for use on clothes, shoes, (possibly) yourself, even as a room spray or linen spray. That particular one has been nicknamed “Crown of Fortune,” since it’s been quite popular. We can turn any oil into a spray, and it doesn’t even cost all that much. The customer buys the oil, the creation of the spray takes about 1/4 of the bottle, we charge a nominal fee for the spray bottle and herbs used in the spray creation, and the customer receives whatever oil is left over and the spray.
  • Custom oils – maybe none of the 20 standard oils address what you need. If that’s the case, you can contact us and we’ll create something customized for your purpose. Barring some kind of astrological miracle, we cannot make custom electional oils, but we do use planetary hours and days when making custom oils, as well as the lunar calendar. If we have what we need on hand to make your oil (and our inventory is pretty extensive), you’ll be charged the regular price for a standard oil and a nominal fee for the research and time spent creating it. Most custom oils end up costing about $15. If we don’t have the ingredients you need, but you still want the custom oil, the cost of the ingredients will be added to the oil. Since we don’t normally use all that much of a given herb or essential oil, you’ll be given the option to receive the rest of the ingredient you purchased, if you’d like to have it.

Starting in February, there will be a page added to the site that will list consultation fees. You can always email us for help using the oils, but if your problem involves six emails and a telephone call, there has to be some kind of compensation for the time. But don’t worry – your emails of “HELP I HAVE OIL X AND HOW DO I DO Y WITH IT?!?!?” will still get answered for free.