New Oils at KC Conjure – Vision Oil

The second oil that’s exclusive to KC Conjure is Vision Oil (click on the name of the oil to be taken to the KC Conjure site, where you can purchase it directly).  The listing for this oil states that it’s formulated to assist with all forms of divination, created at the end of the lunar eclipse of a Blood Moon/Hunter’s Moon, at the moment the darkness dropped and the full light illuminated the landscape.


 (image courtesy of KC Conjure)

The Vision oil was a tricky one.  Divination is not my strong point – I can technically read tarot cards, and I use a pendulum when making decisions about herbs and oils for various mixes, but that’s it.  However, I know a lot of  very talented diviners (Polyphanes at the Digital Ambler, for example) who are oil users besides, all of whom were eager for me to produce something for either use during/before divination, or as an anointing oil for divination tools.
After tossing a coin (well, after making two totally different versions and having them tested and deciding only one was going to be made for market), I elected to produce the Vision oil for use by the diviners themselves.  The oils and herbs that went into it were chosen for clairvoyance, far-seeing, true dreaming, clarity of sight, focus, and concentration.  There were about six versions of the original oil, because one of the challenges of a Vision oil is to create one that’s effective, but without a distracting scent.  After a few months of tinkering and experimenting (thanks to my testers, without whom this would be a far less effective oil), I came up with a mixture that didn’t distract the user and seemed to assist in divination, remote vision, and trance work.
It could have ended there – since the job of the oil was to increase sight, I could have made it during a waxing moon on a day and hour that were associated with Sight, then shipped it out.
Right.  That didn’t happen.  Instead, I waited for some really spectacular lunar or planetary alignment to come along – the Vision oil was two years in the making, it could wait a little longer.

In October of 2014, a lunar event occurred that provided the perfect opportunity to create the Vision oil – the full eclipse of a Hunter’s Moon that was also a Blood Moon.
The full moon after the autumnal equinox (usually September 22 or 23rd) is called the Harvest Moon, for obvious reasons.  The full moon after that is called the Hunter’s Moon.  Both full moons are unique because the time difference between moonrises on successive evenings is much shorter than average – there’s no long gap of darkness between sunset and moonrise for several days after both the Harvest Moon and the Hunter’s Moon.  Both moons are known for illuminating in a singularly long, bright way, which seemed like a good aspect to incorporate into the Vision oil.
In October, there was a full eclipse of the Hunter’s Moon,  where the Earth would pass directly between the sun and full moon.  This event was also considered a Blood Moon, due to the color of Earth’s shadow as it passes over the moon giving it a red cast (the sun’s rays are scattered, which strip out the other colors in the spectrum and leave red behind).  The Vision oil was created at the moment the lunar eclipse ended, under the Hunter’s Moon, when the darkness passed and the light returned, moonlight that has been traditionally used to find that which is hidden.

Polyphanes of the Digital Ambler was nice enough to give some very complimentary feedback on the Vision oil:

“A lovely and potent oil!  The fragrance itself is calming and focusing, good for putting yourself in the right headspace for divination, remote vision, or trance sessions, especially when communication is a strong need.  Most vision oils I’ve worked with elsewhere tend to have too harsh a smell or make one’s third eye too excitable to see clearly, but this is a rarity in that it avoids these and other issues.  I use the oil on myself before any sacred divination, and keep a charm anointed with it on me just in case I need to break out my dice and bones.”

Again, this is one of the two oils that are exclusively available at KC Conjure and through their website.  Visit this site for a look at both Serve and Protect and Vision oil.