Mix and Match, Part 2

First, let me thank the people who let me know via Facebook and Twitter what subjects they’d like to see discussed on this blog – further information on the planetary system used to make the oils, and the practice of leaving solid materials in the oil, and a few other topics will be upcoming.

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Back to mixing oils!  In the last post, it was all “DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS!” and reasons why you shouldn’t confuse your petition with multiple oils.

But there are some oils that work really well together.  The trick is to think critically about what each oil is for and how it might change or affect the petition if there is already an oil being used.  The example given before was “Get a Job” with “Fortune and Favor,” which sounds like a good mix, but the finding-fulfillment aspect of Fortune and Favor might keep you unemployed, waiting for your perfect job, when what you really need to do is pick up some seasonal retail work.

However, if you were to prepare your supplies and anoint your candle (or whatever you’re using) with Get A Job oil, you can still use a secondary oil.  Money Drawing would be an excellent choice – it’s an oil designed to pull money from any available source, and a job is certainly a source of money.  Those two oils will work together.  You could do two separate candles with one petition, mix them – very sparingly –  in a spray to use on your resume or even just to smudge on your belt or other non-staining fashion item.  The inside of your shoes is a terrific place to use an oil.  Remember to stick to just a drop or two.  Quadrivium Oils are not watered down, so the scent can be penetrating.

Other “money” oils that get along:  Steady Work and Get A Job (that’s kind of an obvious one),  Steady Work and Money Drawing, any of the “money” oils are good choices when you’re just looking for work.  When you’ve got a specific job you’re targeting, though, you’ll want to go with Road Opening and Get A Job.  For the purpose of landing a specific position, that’s the best combination you can use, and a very powerful one.

Rather than having a primary oil and a secondary oil, with this combination, you are using both as primary oils.   You will use an identical petition with two separate candles – or whatever else you’re going to use, candles are the most common items used with oils – and you’ll anoint each candle with the wick end towards you, covering the candle from base to tip, as you envision pulling that job towards you.  If you want to get lunar and planetary about it, you can, but normally this is done out of necessity and most people don’t have the luxury of waiting for the new moon or the Day of Jupiter to give the oil an extra punch.

Light the candles together.  If you’re ambidextrous, very ambitious, and have two lighters, you can do them at the same time.  If not, don’t set your altar on fire, just light the candles one after another.

So why does this work so well?  Road Opening is just as broad of an oil as Fortune and Favor, so why this oil and not that one?  Because of the type of oil – Road Opening is about clearing obstacles between you and what you want, removing whatever blocks there are between Point A, where you are, and Point B, where you want to end up.  Get A Job is a very focused oil that is about employment.  In this case, you’re using Get A Job to target a specific position, and at the same time, removing obstacles between you and what you want.  So right next to the Road Opening candle, burning helpfully, is the  candle for what you want.

Now that this post has far exceeded the 500 word length, it looks like there will be a Part 3, to cover love and relationship oils that can be used together.   As always, feel free to contact Quadrivium via Facebook , Twitter, or email to ask for more info or for assistance in ordering the best oils for your particular situation.

Layering Oils

Before I got distracted by other things (there’s just something about companies touting therapeutic grade oils that makes me turn purple), I was going to post about using more than one oil at a time.

I’ve already discussed using Get A Job oil in a number of ways other than candle magick(over here, if you’ve forgotten about it), and mentioned that you don’t have to use just one oil at a time. Lots of oils are complementary – not just in purpose, but in scent as well. For example, Quadrivium’s Get A Job, Crown of Success, and Money Drawing are made from different formulas and have different herbs added to them, but some of the “base notes” of the scent are the same. This post does not deal with candle magick, since that’s a fairly obvious use for the oils and you can get more than one candle going at a time without causing problems.

The key to layering oils is to use tiny amounts. As mentioned before, some people are really sensitive to smell, or allergic to particular scents. It’s not just a matter of protecting your own nose, but being considerate to the people around you.

A fair amount of thought should got into your oil selection, whether you’re using one oil or more. When using more than one oil, the best way I’ve found to work is to pick one main oil, and one or two secondary oils. That will require you to decide what you’re trying to achieve, and look at the purposes of the oils you’re considering. Finding work – ANY work? You’ll want your main oil to be Get A Job. Looking for a particular KIND of work, one that suits you and where you can develop a career? Crown of Success might be a better option for a main oil. Money Drawing is almost always a good secondary oil to use for this purpose, since the purpose of a job is to get money, usually.

That said, back to finding work. Let’s say you’re about to sit down to check Monster.com or another website for job listings. Before you boot up the computer, put a drop (no, really, a drop) of Get A Job on your hands. Rub them together. Then do a drop of Money Drawing. Rub. Anoint the four corners of your screen with Crown of Success, and boot up your computer to start looking for work.

You got an interview! A drop of Get A Job on your belt, a smidge of Crown of Success on yourself (maybe around your hairline, if you’re not sensitive to it – I like the symbolism of anointing the crown of the head with Crown of Success), maybe a little Money Drawing oil on your socks, and you’re as well-prepared with magical oils as it gets.

Remember: tiny amounts of oil, inconspicuous places, and check ahead of time to be sure that your body chemistry works well with any oil you’re putting on your skin.