You Should Read This

FireLyte (of the Inciting A Riot blog and podcast) wrote a painfully true essay about the overwhelming whiteness of American Paganism and magical publishing. Even the authors who write about ATRs, Santa Muerte, Brujería,  Santería, Hoodoo, Haitian Voodoo, and other traditions SPECIFIC TO BIPOC CULTURE are overwhelmingly white – despite the fact that some of them have taken on pseudonyms that sound vaguely Latinx or indigenous.

Read it on the blog:
Yes, This Is Our Paganism: Llewellyn, Weiser, & White Supremacy

The Good Luck Lady

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a colleague who thought Quadrivium Supplies would be a good fit for someone who was putting together a “team” of people offering metaphysical products and services. I got in touch with Flora, who has gone by the name “The Good Luck Lady” professionally for years, and heard about her plans to put together a group of people who were dedicated practitioners of their crafts.  What Flora was interested in doing wasn’t just putting together a listing of people who provided spiritual services and metaphysical products – in her own words, she was looking for people

to join a co-operative of genuine sacred arts practitioners that have real skill and mastery of their vocation.

Needless to say, I was honored to be invited to join this group.  It’s not an affiliate system, it changes nothing about the way Quadrivium does business, it’s just another way for people to find Quadrivium Oils.  And because Flora, “The Good Luck Lady,” prefers individuals and their faces and stories to companies and their logos, you can click over to my page on her site to read a little more about me, how I got into oils, and why I like the precision of oilmaking using lunar and astrological timing.

Check out The Good Luck Lady website, and the practitioners and professionals listed.  Everyone is there because we’re dedicated to providing the best service to clients that we can.