Useful Book Review

Spiral Nature has reviewed the “Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook,” which is probably of interest to people working with oil and herbs.
As always, a solid and intelligent review. The reviewer had the same problems with this book that I have with a lot of books on the same topic:

The author claims her work is based on the ideas of Paracelsus, but the book lacks citations, a bibliography, or even suggested reading list. This is highly problematic as many of her attributions are not explained. Sometimes they are attributions that are more or less occult common knowledge, and other times the numbers, colours, herbs and their meanings vary from the common or traditional systems.

If you’re not reading Spiral Nature, you should be.

Testimonials and Guest Bloggers

I’m going to be adding a new page to the main website containing some testimonials from customers – if you want to share your experience with Quadrivium Oils, please send a message to
Even if you don’t want your testimonial published, I do like hearing from clients and finding out if the oil/s performed as expected.

I’m also looking for anyone who’d like to write a guest blog entry about how THEY use oils in their magical practice. I have someone who’s going to be doing an entry on how she uses about four oils in combination on votive candles daily to keep her freelance work coming (and uses q-tips to cut down on the amount of oil used). I’m always interested in the different ways people use oils, though, so feel free to use the blog as a platform to talk about how YOU do things.