The 2014 Holiday Special is a Prosperity Bundle, priced at $35 (plus shipping).  This contains Crown of Success, Fortune and Favor, Red Fast Luck, Road Opener, and your choice of another non-electional oil (we recommend Steady Work or Get A Job).  Purchased individually, these oils would run $55, so it’s a great deal.

In addition, Facebook is really cutting down on the amount of business page updates that people will see in their feeds.  This means a lot of people totally missing out on our posts, which is frustrating for everyone involved.

We’ve started a discussion group on Facebook that does not require you to “like” our page, or read our updates – you just join the group, and then come to the group to read or post.  It’s a good place to ask questions, have discussions, possibly meet other people who also use Quadrivium Oils.

This will probably be the final post of 2014, so Happy Holidays to all celebrating, and best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year.

Black Friday Discounts

For Black Friday, there are four electional oils that are half price – Banishing, Cut and Clear, Drive Away, and Stop Gossip.

Until December 25, various oils will go on sale at different times.  Is there a particular oil you want?  Sometime in the next three weeks, it will be on sale – when and for how long are subject to the whim of the owner.

These sales will be announced via this blog, our Facebook, and on Twitter, so please follow us on social media to be alerted to our holiday sales!

Holiday Sale ending….and free samples, yay!

Just a reminder that today is the last day that Lovers Home, Peaceful Home, Reconciliation, and Drive Away will be half off.  It’s a social media-promoted only sale, so the discounted prices won’t show up until after you put the oil in your basket via the site.

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans, happy Thursday to the rest of the world.  Coming up tomorrow: a Black Friday deal that makes me laugh, and possibly a Cyber Monday deal if I get up early enough on Monday or go to bed late enough on Sunday.

If you really really really want to try an oil but aren’t sure about two whole drams, you can always ask for a sample of something when you order an oil from us.  Give it a try.  A box of 5/8 dram bottles was recently unearthed in the oil room (so it’s not tidied very often, but it’s used an awful lot!), and they’re the perfect size for adding a sample without making your package cost more to ship.  One sample per order, please, and only on request.

Holiday Sale

From now until November 27, the following oils will be half price:

Also, Drive Away will be half price, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t get along with everyone.

(Drive Away and Reconciliation are Electional oils, which means offering them half price makes them cheaper than a regular, non-Electional oil.  I don’t make this kind of offer a lot, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving, we’re all just trying to get through the season.)