Welcome to the Quadrivium Supplies blog!

Welcome to the Quadrivium Supplies blog!  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to install a blog on the site before, since I’m always rattling away on Twitter or Facebook about oils and how to use them and how to tell the difference between an essential oil and an anointing oil (hint: there’s probably no actual plant matter in the anointing oil) and planetary hours and what you’d make during a Sun election if you had unlimited time and supplies. What better than yet another platform?

Look for stock updates here, information about upcoming oils, occasional ideas on how to use oils in a way that doesn’t include candle magick, short sections of a longer essay in process on the use of oil in ritual, commentary on oil use in a variety of magical traditions, pieces of ritual, and just about anything else that catches my interest to write about.

At any rate, Quadrivium Supplies is growing in leaps and bounds these days – recently, I was interviewed on The Wigglian Way, broadcast date TBD.  It’s always nice when someone WANTS me to rattle on about magical and ritual oils as long as I want.  I have a few other irons in the fire, with regards to podcasts, but if you run one, I’d love to come talk to your audience about oils. In the process of preparing for various interviews, I’ve come up with pages and pages (and pages) of notes, which will eventually be turned into articles on the history of oil use, how scent bypasses our conscious brain, and why tables of correspondence don’t work very well if the scent of roses makes you want to cry. If I make horrible mistakes in WordPress while I’m starting out, forgive me, I’m new at this.  It’s only recently that I even learned how to change my own website text without breaking the whole site.