Two Things

Thing 1: I have been contacted by a few people asking where to buy my oils. The sites listed to the right are the stores that carry them, but as things are a bit weird in retail right now, I can’t guarantee that they HAVE the oils. Your best bet is to contact the store. The one that is probably best stocked is Draconis Arcanum. Dark Lady has temporarily closed – New Orleans retail got socked pretty hard, financially – but will reopen with it’s usual fine selection of Quadrivium Oils. I haven’t removed them from the list, since they’ll be back before too long. I hope.

Thing 2: I am going to be interviewed on TalkGnosis, a weekly talk show on YouTube, to discuss rituals. Rituals in magic, rituals not in magic, why we practice rituals, what we get out of rituals, what we should look for in rituals, etc. I will post a link when the show is available, which will likely be the last week of June.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. Chicago is opening back up, much to my trepidation. I don’t go out much to begin with, but I admit the idea of getting my nails done is appealing.

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